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Name of the substance F2-(O-[1’-Methylpropylideneamino]carboxyamino)ethyl Methacrylate
Synonyms F2-propenoic acid, 2-methyl, 2-(((((1-methylpropylidene)amino)oxy)carbonyl)amino)ethyl ester
CAS No F78279-10-4

Stability of blocked-NCO group
EBlocked isocyanate group of KarenzMOI-BM copolymer shows good stability under ordinary temperature condition.
ENo evident increase of molecular weight of KarenzMOI-BM /HEMA copolymer observed at 40.

Fig.Stability of blocked isocyanate of copolymer of KarenzMOI-BM /HEMA

Procedure:Emulsion Polymerization

Procedure:Emulsion Polymerization

Composition of monomers and properties of their polymer-films.
Copolymer of monomers Film properties
MMA/nBA/KarenzMOI-BM =15/50/35 Transparent film
MMA/nBA/KarenzMOI-BM /HEMA=15/50/25/10 Solvent resistant film

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