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Name of the substance :1,1-(bisacryloyloxymethyl) ethyl isocyanate
CAS No :886577-76-0

Molecular weight:239.22

Feature of KarenzBEI®

The characteristics of KarenzBEI®
Our customers are satisfied with the present Karenz series which characteristics are below.

・easily introduce UV-curable properties in a molecules
・easily reacts with functional molecules

Karenz series

We develop the new material, KarenzBEI ,
in order to meet customer’s expectation.

The new product, KarenzBEI , has one isocyanate
group and two acrylic groups in one molecule,
ensuring higher performance!

・Higher UV curing speed
・Stronger adhesion to a substrate
・Less shrinkage at the curing

The UV curing speed of KarenzBEI is very high because it has two acrylic group in it’s molecular structure.

The adhesion strength of to substrate (glass, metal, PET resin, etc.) is very high.

For Use
KarenzBEI is available for the following areas because of its high UV reactivity.
 ・ Photo resist ( film resist, color resist, liquid resist)
 ・ Surface modification, Adhesive, Printing, Paint coating

*This product is only for industrial usage. Please make contact with us if you think other usage.

Physical Properties


:Liquid at room temperature
・Flash point :152℃

・Appearance :Clear, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid
・Purity :97% minimum

Please read our MSDS before using KarenzBEI

■Handling ■
Be careful to avoid direct contact of skin, eyes, or clothing with KarenzBEI . Make sure not to inhale vapor. In case KarenzBEI has splashed on clothing, take the clothing off immediately. As for skin, wash the affected area thoroughly with water. Then wash with soap and water. Contaminated clothing should be disposed of.

Avoid contact with water, heat, strong base and active-hydrogen-containing compounds (alcohol, amine) KarenzBEI reacts with moisture and generates insoluble urea and carbon dioxide gas. Urea can cause clogging of pipes and valves. Store in a cool and dark place. Observe the laws and regulations with regard to fire fighting and toxic/hazardous materials.

※The information contained herein is based upon data considered true and accurate.However,SHOWA DENKO K.K. accepts no responsibility or risk which may result from the handling and use of products or for infringement of any patent.

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